Our Virtual Tour

We always welcome visitors and are proud to show you around our factory. All of our work is carried out in house so we can keep control of the quality.

The first thing we do with any parts for re-finishing is to list and price them individually. The parts are then stripped of their old finish and de-rusted.

polishong shop In the polishong shop is where most of the preperation work is carried out.

All of the parts have to be polished to a mirror finish before they can be plated.

As you can see we do all of this work ourselves.

Plating is part science and black art. All of the solutions have to be maintained and balanced correctly.

It takes years of experience to know how to plate restoration work as every item is processed differently.

plating shop
polishong shop As you can see from the pictures, metal finishing is very dirty work.

After work is completed it is laid out, inspected and checked off against the order. plating shop

If you would like to see more we would be happy to show you round in person, just contact us to arrange a visit.

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