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Bright Chrome

examples of parts finished on bright chrome

About Bright Chrome

Chrome has been used in the UK from approximately 1930. It was to superceed the polished dull nickel finish which pre-dated it.

The attraction of chrome is it's low maintainence as it does not tarnish. The noble (non chemically reactive) nature of chrome means when a finish starts to weather it is the nickel underneath which is corroding, and the corrosion products work upwards through pores in the chrome deposit. This means the quality of finish is dependant on the layer of nickel underneath.

How We Bright Chrome

The chrome layer is very thin (not normally more than 0.00002 inch). We always make sure that this is applied on a good thickness of properly applied bright nickel plate to afford good protection.

All the good looks, depth of shine and the weather protection comes from the nickel underneath. The role of the chrome is simply to stop the nickel from tarnishing.

Although we do use copper in plating some of out work, it is not usually necessary. Please see our page about the myths surronding copper for more information.