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Bright Nickel

An example of bright nickel.
About Bright Nickel

Nickel is a lustrous white metal which can be polished to a high finish.

Bright nickel is the form of nickel which has largely superceeded polished dull nickel since the 1930's as it is bright when plated and does not require any subsequent polishing.

This excerpt from the Canning Handbook of Electroplating (18th Edition) explains the importance of nickel plating:

"The importance of nickel plating has been enhanced by in recent years definite establishment of the fact that it is the best metal on which to deposit chromium, and even more emphatically the best metal to interpose between chromium and steel or brass."
The use of bright nickel in chromium plating is by far the most common use. However, bright nickel is sometimes used to as a finish on its own, and is a white metal with a yellow tinge which is slow to tarnish.

we recomend polished dull nickel on any steel items which will be exposed to the elements as this is a very similar finish, but offers a much higher weather resistance due to the structure of the metal.

How We Bright Nickel

Before any work can be plated it has to have the correct preperation.

It is important that a substantial layer is applied. It is also very important that the bright nickel is applied correctly, as bright nickel incorrectly will not last.

We use old fashiones methods which give us smaller production volumes but much higher quality.