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Dull Chrome

An example of dull chrome.

About Dull Chrome

The attraction of chrome is because of its low maintainence, as it does not tarnish. The noble nature of chrome means it cannot corrode. When the finish starts to weather it is the nickel underneath which is corroding, and the corrosion products work upwards through pores in the chrome deposit. This means the quality of finish is depandant on the layer of nickel underneath.

Dull chrome gives a grey non reflective finish, which is often used on engine parts and dials, and wherever non-reflectivity is desirable.

Military motorcycles usually had fittings in dull chrome, to keep tell-tale reflections to a minimum.

How We Dull Chrome

The chrome layer is very thin (not normally more than 0.00002 inch). The Appearance comes from the nickel underneath. In order to obtain a dull finish the item is first plated in dull nickel and then chromed.